Hurt, Healing, and Hope:  Thriving Beyond Sexual Assault,” reveals rare insights into healing from one survivor’s perspective, accompanied by thought-provoking stories inspired by other survivors.

The dynamic volume delivers a collection of interwoven monologues detailing true stories of hurt and healing post-sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and the aftereffects. Each story, told from the first-person point of view, includes perspectives from healing allies offering support to survivors.

Hurt, Healing, and Hope powerfully puts forth a variety of situations surrounding the topic of sexual violence and the effects it has on the survivor. Healing and Hope are present, but this publication does not ignore the immense long-term hurt that takes place, while also sharing statistics of sexual violence and taking a reader through one survivor’s non-linear healing process.

The piece contains interwoven monologues developed from true, shared traumatic experiences of real survivors. Ms. Lombardo’s mission and hope are that from reading or listening to and connecting with one of the stories the monologues tell, other survivors will be encouraged to take the path of healing and thriving for themselves – or to help another do the same.

Hurt, Healing, and Hope is not only a book and performance piece, but also includes original illustrations by Nicaraguan artist, Eduardo Arias Cruz, study guide questions, resources, a reference section, and space for a reader or performer to take notes and journal their own hurt, healing, and hope.

Write, Heal, Thrive: A Transformative Journaling Experience is meant to accompany “Hurt, Healing, and Hope” or act as a stand-alone resource for anyone searching for their next steps on a path to healing and thriving.

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Image of the book, “Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving Beyond Sexual Assault” by Melissa B. Lombardo