Write, Heal, Thrive LLC.

Write, Heal, Thrive offers holistically conscious individuals the opportunity to continue their healing journey, support a supporter, and offer guidance to individuals as they find their path to healing, thriving, and well-being via books and other publications.

Write, Heal, Thrive founder, Melissa B. Lombardo knows first-hand the silence surrounding the topic of sexual violence. It was through the support of friends and family that she navigated the path of vulnerability to begin speaking out and supporting the healing of those who have faced trauma. She now advocates for others through her business, brand, and publishing imprint, “Write, Heal, Thrive”.

Melissa hopes that from reading or listening to and connecting with one of Write, Heal, Thrive’s publications including “Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving beyond Sexual Assault” other survivors will be encouraged to take the path of healing and thriving for themselves – or to help another do the same.

Melissa states, “…My drive to write and speak out is inspired by an ever-increasing desire to help others, to light the way to what’s possible and truly within reach. I credit writing as one of the reasons I was able to heal.  I founded the brand and socially responsible business, “Write, Heal, Thrive” based on the inspiration that writing became a way for me to heal, and through healing, I moved from hope into thriving, something I continue to do each day”.

Melissa and her Write, Heal, Thrive support team including Nicaraguan artist Eduardo Jose Arias Cruz, hope that sharing individual experiences and showing their similarities and differences via writing and illustration, will inspire others facing the trauma of sexual assault or any other trauma to believe there can be healing and hope after the life-changing hurt and that everyone’s journey is their own. 


To help make changes to one’s inner dialogue through publications and materials that support thriving and well-being.


Support healing and thriving in those looking to take the path to living their best life.


  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Resilience
  • Perserverance 

Current Publications:

  • Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving beyond Sexual Assault – Book-Performance piece, Paperback, Hardcover, E-book
  • Write, Heal, Thrive: A Transformative Journaling Experience – Paperback
  • Write, Heal, Thrive Journaling Series Volume One – Paperback

Upcoming Book Collaborations:

  • Keys to Joyful Living with Envision Greatness Press – Paperback

Write, Heal, Thrive Professional Services:

Please reach out if you are publishing and need support and guidance.

  • Publishing Consulting and Support
  • Book Illustrations, Layout, Cover Design, Proofreading, Editing
  • Publicity Materials, Graphic Design, Logos
  • Social Media Support
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