Sharing individual experiences, and showing their similarities and differences, will hopefully inspire others facing the trauma of sexual assault to believe that there can be healing and hope after the life-changing hurt, and everyone’s journey is their own.

My drive to write and speak out is inspired by an ever-increasing desire to help others, to light the way to what’s possible and truly within reach. I credit writing as one of the reasons I was able to heal.  I founded “Write, Heal, Thrive” based off the inspiration that writing became a way for me to heal, and through healing, I moved from hope into thriving, something I continue to do each day.

Write, Heal, Thrive’s vision is to change the world by changing one’s inner dialogue through writing, creative development, self-introspection, reflecting, building community with others, and becoming one’s own version of their best self. 

Write, Heal, Thrive’s mission is to support healing and thriving through writing, the creative arts, and building connections between individuals and resources.  We do this by providing writing, art, and creativity workshops, speaking and performance engagements, participation in local and regional events to promote advocacy and social change, and our Write, Heal, Thrive online Etsy store and pop up shop. Visit our shop featuring items made by survivors and healing allies:

Write, Heal, Thrive abstract logo of a person rising out of a book. The words Write, Heal, Thrive are next to the logo.