I acknowledge and understand you because of trauma in my past including sexual violence.  I use this understanding to help guide us to find what works best for you and your group.


I would love to inspire and engage your audience by speaking or presenting at your next event.  

  • Sexual Violence Awareness, Advocacy, and Education
  • Journey to Healing
  • Journey to Publishing
  • Resilience and Authentic Voice
  • Healing, Motherhood and Leaving a Legacy
  • Traveling and Cultural Adaptation


  • Healing and Thriving through writing and the arts
  • The Value of your Story

Performance and Licensing Support:

“Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving beyond Sexual Assault” is a 3-act performance piece meant for college campuses and community theater. Together we will bring about advocacy, awareness, and education. 

Licensing a play or musical for performance is an important part of the process of making theatre. When you license a show, you are providing a living wage for writers and helping safeguard their work. Thank you for purchasing your license and supporting authors’ rights and work. 

 Licensing fee and production support cost’s starts at $800 and includes the following: 

  • Zoom or in-person meetings to work with your cast
  • Ongoing performance support for rehearsals 
  • Post-performance reflection and author talk with audience members
  • Donation to a crisis center


  • Book collaborations and anthologies
  • Co-authorships and co-workshops
  • Social media collaborations
  • Freelance articles for print and electronic publications
  • Participation in wellness fairs, pop-ups
  • Local and regional events promoting advocacy and social change 

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