Pay it Forward. Donate a Book and Journal.

Support my mission of giving voice to survivors of sexual violence and helping them heal and thrive.   

Giving back is an integral part of my work. A portion of 1st Edition book sales of “Hurt, Healing, Hope: Thriving beyond Sexual Assault” support survivors receiving services through the YWCA New Britain Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Service (SACS).

SACS offers bilingual English-Spanish assistance to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones throughout the state of Connecticut. The services offered are critical in helping survivors and their families find hope for their future. SACS supports many survivors including myself while I was a college student in my 20’s.   Purchase your book here via the Etsy Shop.

Make a difference by purchasing a book or journal for donation! 

By purchasing a book or journal for yourself, you can read first-hand accounts of survivors at the beginning of our healing journey and reflect on your own experiences as a survivor, a thriver, a supporter, or someone who is searching for greater reflection in their life. 

By purchasing a book and journal to donate, you are increasing the potential for survivors who might not have access to such resources to begin their own healing.  

Supplying survivor support materials such as “Hurt, Healing, Hope: Thriving beyond Sexual Assault” or the “Write, Heal, Thrive” Journal to rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, women’s centers, mental health institutions, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, and community centers will help break the silence surrounding sexual violence and give a survivor additional support and healing. 

Giving survivors access to materials to aid their recovery by increasing access DOES make a profound impact by inspiring healing for someone who needs it. 

You may also share the name of an organization or person to which you want your book(s) to be sent with a complimentary personalized message. 

Thank you for your support in giving survivors a voice. 

If you have questions, please click here to learn more.

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