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Loving Our Life’s Work With Special Guest Melissa Lombardo – Getting Goosebumps now!

I got goosebumps listening to Adam DeVaney of the “Loving Our Life’s Work” podcast introduce me. For the first point of contact, the time leading up to the interview and post-interview contact I have got to say something just opened up for me…and I do not even know what that is yet.  I rewatched this unscripted conversation twice now and can only look at myself in awe.  Why?  Because I don’t even recognize myself.  I am glowing.  My skin is shining, the words coming out of my mouth are mine but my voice sounds different…This is me!  I just cannot get enough of how far I have come in just the year since publishing my book-performance piece, “Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving Beyond Sexual Assault”.  Adam has an uncanny gift, talent, ability, and insight into the world of others.  He is a true professional and great to work with.  He is a psychotherapist and coach and I am beyond grateful and honored that he chose me to be on his show.  If you want to learn about my inner workings…the vulnerable, authentic Melissa….I encourage you to listen to this interview and see the magic that happens between a host whom I would venture to call not only a coach but a modern-day healer and his guest…a girl who has grown into herself as a thriver bringing that energy into the lives of others.  This is a GREAT combination and greater forces were definitely at play this day.  I am still in awe and will need to refer back to this podcast every once and a while to remind myself of who I am.

Here is how he describes our time together on the show, “…Tune in to explore more about purpose, authenticity, and the transformative power of self-discovery with Melissa Lombardo on this insightful episode of the Loving Our Life’s Work Podcast! On today’s episode, we are blessed to have Melissa Lombardo, author of “Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving Beyond Rape and Sexual Assault,” sharing her journey from trauma to triumph. She reflects on the pivotal moments in her life, from childhood lessons on empathy to finding purpose through healing. Melissa’s experiences abroad in Nicaragua reshaped her perspective, leading her to confront her past and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout our conversation, Melissa delves into the nonlinear nature of healing and the transformative power of storytelling. She emphasizes the importance of amplifying healing to help others and the challenges of embracing one’s purpose fully…”


Enjoy the ride!

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