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The Cain Stevens Supershow! It really is a Super show!

Question: What can I say about Cain Stevens?

Answer: Alot.

Cain is a great host and I appreciate his inquisitiveness and authenticity. He searches for meaning around him and questions life.

I had the opportunity to interview with Cain Stevens, host of the Cain Stevens Super Show Podcast.  And let me tell you, I felt joyful! I had fun!

The energy Cain brings to his show is contagious.  In the following link, I speak on my book, my healing and thriving in addition to the paranormal activity in our lives as well as my experiences traveling and living abroad.  I loved speaking on these topics and when I finished the call I thought to myself, “I am finding Joy”. At that moment in time, “Finding Joy” was the answer to a question I had. This podcast held answers to internal questions. Even writing this right now I am smiling from ear to ear recalling these different facets of myself unveiled in this particular podcast.  Thank you Cain!

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