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Journey through change: Inspiration for Women to Create a Life they Love Journey through change

Noelle Van captures me in a way no one else has so far on a podcast. She is an intuitive person and I was honored to be on her show. Ready more about what shse wrote and our interview in the link below. Thank you Noelle

Melissa Lombardo: How her Journey of Healing from Sexual Assault Led Her to Help Others Face Past Trauma with Strength and Courage.

Trauma can often be suppressed for years until something can cause the past to resurface, forcing it to be faced head-on in order to heal. Over 40% of women encounter sexual assault making it the most prevalent and unreported crime in the US. Today’s guest, Melissa Lombardo knows firsthand the fear that keeps so many from reporting their sexual assault and the lasting trauma that lingers when left unhealed. This week on Journeys Through Change, Melissa and I are talking about how her journey of healing from sexual assault led her to help others face past trauma with greater strength and courage.


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