Supporting Others

Those who enter our lives

Some people are meant to come into our life forever, others for a short while and still others for a moment in time. During my path to publishing I am thankful for the intentional coincidences and the ability to understand them for what they are. In these moments I might being contemplating not publishing or feeling so vulnerable at what I know comes with publishing a sensitive topic close to heart.

And then you walk into my life and suddenly I am energized to keep moving forward. During much of my healing I have felt the same and now, during publishing meaning conincidences and serendipitus moments constantly show me how to continue forward and not give up. I am constantly reminded both in little and big ways why I am on this path and who needs to hear my story. Whether it be a survivor begining their healing, a grandmother learning that her grandson was abused, a person facing a new and scary beginning after living so much pain, or a budding writer, who up until today did not know how to get her story out into the fabric of our world, people amaze and inspire me to continue doing what I am doing. I salute you who is now reading this post wondering if you are one of those people I describe. If you feel it was you, know that indeed you are correct. You have added value to my life. I hope that in some small way I too have been able to add value to yours. Until we meet again, in light and love.

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